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We are looking for the best and the brightest ideas for making a dent in the way the construction industry operates. Helix is looking to hold our next innovation event in 2021 focusing on innovation in the construction industry. We would like to invite you to help us make a dent and showcase all the amazing ideas that have the capacity to bring about change for the better.

Let’s make a dent in the universe — Steve Jobs

At Helix our aim for the Innovation Series is to bring together traditional construction and the new wave of innovators to educate, engage and enlighten. If you are interested in pitching your idea or product please get in contact with johanna@helix.legal.

Take the Stage

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Helix Innovation Series


What's Involved?

Each presentation will be allotted exactly 7 minutes to "pitch" their construction innovation idea, product or service to our audience.

You can be as creative as you like in your pitch as our audiences are generally from all walks of the construction industry from principals and developers to subcontractors to engineers and architects to fellow tech construction innovators and beyond. Please make sure your pitch is relevant to the construction industry audience. What is the application to the construction industry? How will the construction industry benefit?

Our Innovation Series venue is located at WeWork on Edward street in Brisbane CBD and is fully set up with the following AV equipment that you may use for your pitch if you wish:

  • Projector with HDMI Cable
  • Thunderbolt Adaptor
  • iPhone/iPad Adaptor
  • Presentation Clicker
  • Microphones and Audio (some conditions apply)
  • Wi-Fi

If you would like to utilise any of the above AV during your pitch, please be sure to let us know by sending an email to johanna@helix.legal once your pitch date has been confirmed. You will need to bring your presentation on a USB on the day if you elect to use AV equipment for your pitch.

Our Purpose


Helix is not another law firm peddling the old way of doing things. We are a team of fresh minds ready to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

Our Objectives

Collaboration - Consultation - Education - Inspiration

Upcoming events!

1. Bracing for a High Tech Future

One of the confronting issues we will face over the next few years is how much construction and infrastructure work will be done under the old traditional means and how much will be done through:

* new ways – like prefabrication; and

* enhanced by technology – like robots and artificial intelligence.

Innovation is not just about apps. It’s about a sustainable and workable regulatory framework where new ideas are responded to with a combination of an open mind and responsible regulation and we expect to see more of this in 2020.

On 13 May 2020 we will give you the heads up on what is on the horizon and prepare you for the next generation of tech innovation.

Whether you are a construction industry disruptor or an established business looking to learn new ways, come along to the Helix Insight Training.

In the session we will cover:

* Disruptive Trends for 2020

* Regulatory Challenges

* Risks and Rewards

As with all the events in our innovation series you will hear from the disruptors in the construction industry about new products and ideas for building a better industry.

2. Construction Disruptors of 2020

We are having a celebration to showcase all of the amazing talent in the construction industry to close out the Helix Innovation Series for 2020. 

Come along on 21 October 2020 to put your finger on the pulse of what the next wave of innovation will be.

  • In 2015 a 57 story skyscraper was built in 19 days in China;
  • In 2016, the United Kingdom government mandated all centrally funded work to be undertaken using the Building Information Modelling (BIM) method of generating computer representations of the projects before they are built;
  • In 2017, two 3D-Printed concrete bridges were constructed in Spain and in the Netherlands respectively;
  • In 2018, Daqri released the ‘Smart Helmet’, a hard hat fitted with augmented reality features that allow wearers to superimpose information, drawings and other data over the real world they see through the device’s display system; and
  • In 2019, the possibility of blockchain technology being utilised in construction contracts is likely to be explored in an aim to increase transparency in the project.

The Helix Difference

Helix Innovation Awards

Helix Legal won a place on the distinguished Legal Innovation Index in 2017 for its scalable practice costing on a project basis to maximise operational efficiency, and development of LawLancer.Legal, a digital marketplace connecting law firms and other legal service providers with law students on a freelance basis. The index sets a benchmark that distinguishes true innovators from the crowd, recognising those who continue to embrace change in order to shape the future of the legal sector.

Helix was the recipient of the 2017 Innovation in Legal IT (People's Choice) Award. The LawTech Awards are a unique peer driven opportunity to acknowledge the movers and shakers of the legal IT industry. They have consistently grown in importance amongst the legal IT community as they recognise innovation and performance for new and and existing IT projects.

Connect with opportunities

Innovation Alley Invitation

For the first time, the 2019APCS is introducing Innovation Alley - a dedicated exhibition space for entrepreneurs, start-ups and new business to showcase that innovative technologies can enhance our cities’ liveability, mobility, and sustainability. Innovation Alley will enable start-ups, technologists, and entrepreneurs to showcase their newly found ventures on a global scale to more than 1000 city leaders, policymakers, potential investors and partners.

If you are an innovative start-up express your interest to exhibit at Innovation Alley. Places are limited.

Innovation Alley exhibitors will be provided with a full day pass to the 2019APCS which includes a space to showcase their business for a half-day and an opportunity to participate in the APCS program for the remainder of the day. Priced at $495 excl. GST, Innovation Alley is a unique offer not to be missed.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

At Helix, our business is made up of dreamers, calculated risk-takers, deep thinkers, and savvy leaders. We look forward to showcasing your talents to change the construction industry for the better. - Janelle Kerrisk